Friday, June 6, 2014

Beginnings and endings...

Friday started with 6 cubic metres of Cyprus Pine wood chip mulch; and ended with 7 shiny Daily Words bowls (recycled silver plate over copper and EPNS) - quite a contrast but all art in its own way.

©2014 Barry Smith - Daily Words bowl with flowers.
Fiona and I are giving the entrance to our place a bit of a make over - increasing the stone gutter along the driveway, putting in a log edge to define the curve of the driveway and mulch to replace grass (and weeds) and provide a space for art and some bushes.

Fiona got stuck into mulching the top; whilst I mulched the bottom of the new mulched bed.
©2014 Barry Smith - Fiona pauses for a well earned drink
©2014 Barry Smith - Quite a lot of mulch
And after our work it looked pretty good - sweeping lines and a bit of a rusty assemblage on one of the old tree stumps.

©2014 Barry Smith - Good looking curve - 27m in all
©2014 Barry Smith - Rusty assemblage - what every home needs
After lunch it was a matter of getting down to the studio-garage and hammering the 7 Daily Word metal blanks; and of course the all needed a bit of grinding and polishing to give them shine.

©2014 Barry Smith - 7 shiny Daily Words bowls
©2014 Barry Smith - Larger bowls (11cm)
©2014 Barry Smith - Smaller bowls (9cm)
Though the little bowl below had its own shine and design.

©2014 Barry Smith - Smaller Daily Words bowl with flowers
A full Friday and a good Friday - now for a few bubbles and risotto.


  1. You two work so hard! Raising my glass of red to you ..... well later in the day :-)

  2. The old homestead always looks a picture. You two certainly have a flair. The little flower bowl really appeal to me....the patterning is lovely.

  3. beautiful bowls and i am guessing the yard work was a bit taxing and now looks wonderful!

  4. R, JM & TL - thanks for checking out the work on the block. It was quite a physical day - but I guess good for maintaing fitness; and the outcome was worth it. R - had to laugh about you joining us in a red - that would be good one day in reality as well as in our own timezones. JM - the flower patter was so strong I didn't want to do anything but harvest and repurpose them. TL - thanks for you comment on the bowl; and yes taxing work. Go well. B


  5. Hello, Barry.

      Attractive works.
      You are the excellent artist.

      I thank for your usual and hearty support.
      Have a good day.  
      From Japan, ruma ❀

  6. B, the top of the block looks wonderful with the pine chip cover. I know only too well what hard work that was. The bowls are lovely, just glowing and lustrous.


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