Friday, June 13, 2014

The beauty of leaves

The preparation for our Open Studio over this coming weekend (14-15 June) is all but completed - including art pieces we want on display.

I made a promise to myself to create a few more bigger works this year - so I aimed to create another version of leaf installation that I did for the Aspects Art Show; and to create a large Leaf Spiral post. Well I'm please to say I got both these pieces finished.

Below are a few of the photos of the beautiful patina on the leaves for the Leaf Spiral; and photos of the finished piece.

©2014 Barry Smith - 21 Large patinated copper leaves
©2014 Barry Smith - Leaf Spiral on the car turning platform
©20134 - Barry Smith - Leaf Spiral post
Leaf Spiral is about 2m high and 25cm square the timber is a soft wood (seems to be Camphor Laurel) - the timber has been oiled. The leaves have been coated with varnish as this is an indoor piece. The leaf forms vary in size; but are between 27.5cm and 30cm in length.

I always like the transformation that takes place when I'm creating leaf forms on steel rod: riveting the copper metal leaf shaped blanks to the steel rods; hammering them; giving them a grind, polish and a wash with soaps suds; and then hit them with the patina solution.

©2014 Barry Smith - Drilling copper and rod for riveting
©2014 Barry Smith - A sheaf of hammered leaf forms
©2014 Barry Smith - Polished and washed and ready for patination
©2014 Barry Smith - Patina curing nicely
The installation is designed to be set up in gravel or a grassy sunlit spot in a garden - something to discover. The patina will continue to age as it has not been coated with any fixative. All the leaves for both pieces are made from recycled copper from the bases of two shower recesses


  1. It'll be a lovely surprise for visitors to discover your patinated leaf forms growing out the gravel. I hope you have many more because I have a feeling they're going to be a hit.

  2. Copper patina is such a beautiful colour. I need about 20 leaf rods...but doubt if I could afford them.

  3. Lovely, I hope the week end is fun and a huge success. Wish I was there.

  4. Hi V. R, JM & P - thanks for your ongoing support. V- mutual. R - I hope the visitors enjoy - but you just never know what works when. JM - you might just be surprised that they are not quite costly as they appear. P- your presence is always welcomed. All go well. B


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