Sunday, June 22, 2014

Unfinished but lots of progress...

I had hoped to finish my Travellers' Shrines over the weekend but did not get all the time I thought I might (including attending an official engagement on behalf of our neighbourhood centre - not really our thing). And of course I was doing 6 shrines together. Still as you can see from the photos below I did make quite a bit of progress.

But before the photos of the shrines I wanted to show the small brass anvil I made for bending the shrine edges - it is made from a brass weight we picked up at some time. I was going to 'bequeath' it to Fiona for her interesting bits display; but I had to tell her it is now part of my tool collection. It worked really well.

©2014 Barry Smith - Small brass anvil made from a brass weight

And on to the shrines.

©2014 Barry Smith - Small silver plated copper shrine lid (about 5x6cm) on the anvil
©2014 Barry Smith - Six folded lids on annealing pit
©2014 Barry Smith - Six Travellers' Shrines boxes
©2014 Barry Smith - Pair of 'Cherry Blossom' Travellers' Shrine boxes

©2014 Barry Smith - Shrines - lids and bottoms - ready for lining
So I'm now up to lining the bottoms of the shrines (this part holds all the bits); and then making the bowls, incense burners and leaf forms that go into the bottom; and then polishing. Will do this during the week I hope.

©2014 Barry Smith - Remembering NYC - Art deco earrings and pendant for Fiona
And because I was polishing bits I finished making the pendant and earrings above for Fiona as a memento of NYC - made from a fork and two teaspoons bought from an open air market stall.

A good weekend in all.


  1. Nice pictures, I love these boxes, really beautiful work!

  2. The boxes are spectaculär and the pieces that you've done for Fiona are just wonderful!

  3. Hi L & GB - thanks for these comments you left so long ago - I appreciate and value each comment. There is always more things to create from the metal and objects that are often passed on or discarded. Peace. B


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