Sunday, June 1, 2014

Metal reborn

When Fiona and I were in Melbourne for for we dropped into a store that made stuff from recycled objects. One of the terms they used on their packaging was reborn - I have seen the term before but felt that it is very apt for work where the recycled material is given new life.

On Friday I had started but not finished a number of things. Over the weekend I got time to do all the polishing and grinding. So a few photos of the pieces from Friday that are now finished - reborn

The Peace Leaves…

©2014 Barry Smith - 7 silver plated Peace Leaves
©2014 Barry Smith - Seek Peace - Imagine Peace
The Leaf Letter Openers….

©2014 Barry Smith - 5 silver plated Leaf Letter Openers
©2014 Barry Smith - Detail on the 'blades' of LLOs
The brass and copper leaves…..

©2014 Barry Smith - Polished stash of brass and copper leaves (30) 
©2014 Barry Smith - Curves and texture
The hammered flat metal…..

©2014 Barry Smith - Hammer and anvil marks
And the broken LLOs that has now become a small leaf and a long pendant.

©2014 Barry Smith - Broken but not wasted
Though the cutting and hammering gives the metal new life; it is the grinding and polishing that lets that new life shine.


  1. I don't really like the expression re born. Barry I am still having trouble reading your blog but am having no trouble with Fionas perhaps I am becoming a grumpy old Woman!

  2. What a beautiful glow these pieces have, Barry. Those anvil and hammer marks are stunning. Reborn or recycled, you are getting it right.

  3. Hi P & C - thanks you for checking out the production stashes. P - not really to keen on reborn myself - what do you use. And Fiona and I will lighten the background to make the blog easier to read. C - what would life be like without metal, hammer and anvil? Go well. B


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