Friday, August 15, 2014

Around the bend and other matters

Its Friday right? Well that means as much art as can be squeezed in. The day started with a 2-hour meeting regarding some serious community-placemaking art for our preferred local store - but more on that when it can be revealed.

As part of a commission I need to be able to hammer metal over rounded corners of boxes. The form needs to be segmented and come to a point. I tried a couple of approaches which at best were okay; so I turned to Fiona for help. She suggested we went to folk who made balls or globes out of paper and see how they did it.

©2014 Barry Smith - Testing globe sections
Well as you can see from the photo above Fiona tracked down a free online globe pattern which we began to experiment with. After a number of tests and measures we have worked out that I can use a segment of the globe pattern to create the form I want on the corner.

©2014 Barry Smith - I think we have found the right section
©2014 Barry Smith - Yes that looks like it will work
Next step is to create the perfectly rounded wooden corner of the box and test the template out in metal.

But I needed a break from all that intellectually demanding stuff; so I decided to go to the studio-garage and start a stash of brooches.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bits and pieces cut and punched etc
©2014 Barry Smith - A bowl of brooches
Why am I doing brooches? Well it is because the folk in Maleny Additions have now asked me 5 times to do this - and they will not be denied. So I have made a stash and will take them in to see if it is what they want. I will share photos when I have had time to take photos of each of the finished brooches. Fiona has just said the curry is ready so I must away and enjoy it with a soft red.


  1. Brooches...or pins...are a fine way to secure a scarf or pashmina, and yours would be perfect!

  2. Interesting project, ah brooches, always sell well. We had a good time on the coast, trying to keep J tied down and resting was almost impossible but she was moving better by the time we left. Very cold here though when we got home.

  3. Isn't it a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to problem solve and find the solution? And your brooches show good promise....

  4. What a great team you and Fiona make, B. Brooches looking gorgeous! I've just spent four days at Art is You in Sydney and I wore your Peace Book pendant. I got so many compliments and was happy to tell everyone about you!

  5. Great problem solving... thank goodness for google, eh? Love the top image of wood, paper and scissors - "working it out" in progress.


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