Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Recycling at its best

Back in 2010 I worked with folk at the Beerwah Resource and Recycling Centre to design and create a Christmas sculpture that was to hang on the wall of the Beerwah Library.

©2010 Barry Smith - Christmas wall sculpture fro recycled corrugated iron
The above piece was the result of our efforts. Quite a large (11mx4m) piece made up of a number of pieces. The sculpture was made from various types of corrugated iron from the recycling centre. The piece was about children celebrating the joy of Christmas and gift giving in the form of healthy recreational activity.  The piece as a whole was only meant to stay in place for the Christmas-New Year holiday period. What to do with it after that?

Well it was a pleasant surprise to see the children elements of the piece turn up on the entrance to a new children's park-playground. Some of the images of the children were supplemented by duplicating what was on the original piece. I had created templates of the children - guess they got recycled too.

©2014 Barry Smith - Children at play - elements of the 2010 Christmas sculpture from recycled corrugated iron at the entrance to a new children's park-playground
©2014 Barry Smith - Recycled art - children at play
So good to see that at least elements of the sculpture from recycled material were themselves recycled - the art of recycling.


  1. Love the charming characters and the use and reuse of the materials. Great job.

  2. M - thanks for checking out and commenting on this post. Often our art just disappears; so it is good to see it reappear and bring joy to a new bunch of folk. And of course it is temporary - in a few years the paint will fade and it will be time fror it to be replaced; but for now it brings smiles. Go well. B

  3. Delightful, Barry, it certainly will bring smiles!


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