Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wall of rust

The retaining wall at the front of our house was installed about 7 years ago. It was made from thick treated pine sleepers which are meant to last about 15-20 years. This is not the case in Maleny. Because of a number of seasons of very heavy rain some of posts were showing signs of wood rot. Fiona and I decided to rectify the situation by building another wall in front of the old one. The new galvo coated steel posts would provide addition support for the old wall; and the support for the new one. We also needed a return on the new wall to protect the old one from the elements.

Inspired by rusted walls we saw at MONA in Tasmania we decided to design and build a Corten steel wall that would rust. When I say build I mean: we design; the steel fabricator does the cutting and bending; and some ace carpenters and steel erectors erected the wall.

So the series of photos that follow show the newly erected wall.

©2014 Barry Smith - Corten steel wall - all the bolts line up

©2014 Barry Smith - Fiona walks the wall
©2014 Barry Smith - The wall and some rocks removed from post holes
©2014 Barry Smith - One beautiful corner
And some that show rusting process that has already started.

©2014 Barry Smith - Corner begins to rust 
©2014 Barry Smith - Rust on the edge
©2014 Barry Smith - A little negative space
©2014 Barry Smith - Rust on a bend
©2014 Barry Smith - Rusting end
We love this wall already - one very long (27-28m) sculpture on our block. It was really worth the effort.


  1. WOW!!! That's gorgeous Barry. Of course, the ruster in me is wondering what kind of rust prints one could get from the wall... Enjoy!

  2. Hi J - imagine a 27m length of rusted fabric - must talk to Fiona about that; or you need to get yourself over here. B

  3. That's superb!....and will get better.

  4. Magnificent, B! I love the way you and Fiona think. Letting it rust will be so beautiful! I hope to see it on my next trip past Maleny.

  5. The Great Wall of Maleny. Love the wall, love more the fact that you and Fiona would do this!

  6. Beautiful, and wonderful thing to witness its changes.

  7. JM, C, SB, VA & V - hi gang - thanks for checking out the wall. F & I have been away for a week in Jakarta and Singapore and have come home to a beautifully curing (rusting) wall. It has started raining today - so more beautiful rust on the way - and of course more rust photos to come. Go well. B


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