Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bit of Singapore Iphonegraphy

Recently Fiona and I stayed a couple of nights in Singapore on our way back from visiting friends Jeff and Evi in Jakarta.

Singapore provides a great opportunity to take many photos of flowers; but there are always other fragments that capture the eye. This was the first time Fiona and I visited the Gardens by the Bay - an amazing complex of gigantic steel trees and amazing huge hothouse and cloud structures.

A few such fragments were captured with the trusty iPhone as you can see from a few images below.
©2014 Barry Smith - Light on a large mask sculpture
©2014 Barry Smith - Fragment of a large glass tree sculpture
©2014 Barry Smith - Filaments and fine shadows in a window display
©2014 Barry Smith - Metal branches against a grey rain filled sky
2014 Barry Smith - Towering glass and suspended walkways
2014 Barry Smith - Towering glass and suspended walkways - altered
For me the fragment often hold the strongest memories.


  1. What magnificent photos! An abundance of eye candy. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. I LOVE Singapore....beautiful, clean, safe, and GREAT food. The Gardens By The Bay are wonderful...and not finished yet! Perfect location for your clever photography.


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