Friday, August 8, 2014

Letter openers for Maleny Additions

©2014 Barry Smith - Points of silver-plated copper LLOs on wooden block
My Leaf Letter Openers (LLOs) have proved popular in Maleny Additions - the last batch I gave them have sold out so I had to get back into production. Whilst blog readers have seen the process before the photos below show the conversion of a round recycled silver-plated copper into 6 LLOs.

Marking up half of the double leaf form and folding.

©2014 Barry Smith - Silver-plated copper -  cut, marked and folded
Hammering the two leaf forms in different directions.

©2014 Barry Smith - A bit more cutting and then hammering on the anvil
Unfolding the rough leaf forms.

©2014 Barry Smith - LLOs in the rough
And the finished product after grinding and polishing.

©2014 Barry Smith - LLOs looking shiny on wood in the afternoon sun
All the above takes a while with a couple of annealings thrown in - but the result is good and they rate now off to market in Maleny nAdditions.


  1. Every stage is beautiful, B, but the end result is stunning!

  2. Hi S & C - in their own way they are boring because of the repetition in creating them; but in the eyes and hands of new beholders and owners they are what they are - beauty from recycled metal. Thanks & go well. B


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