Wednesday, January 28, 2015

About lightning clouds and mini webs

Bit of a contrast in this post. Very big and wild thunder clouds over the valley; and a total breakout out of mini spiders' webs on the wire on the decks - revealed by the rain from the storm.

Fiona drew my attention to the magnificent cloud formation below.

©2015 Barry Smith - Spectacular sunset thunder cloud
It got darker as the sun went down and it built towards a storm.

©2015 Barry Smith - Dark and cranulated with zoom and dark
I managed to capture a couple of lightning flares - luck really.

©2015 Barry Smith - Lightning burst in the centre of the cloud
©2015 Barry Smith - Yet another burst
And emphasised the lightning using an app.

©2015 Barry Smith - Looks good in purple
©2015 Barry Smith - Zoom and solarising
There were (still are) hundreds of small webs on the railing wires on the southern decks - all about 75-100mm in diameter - with baby spiders. Cleaning them off will be a job for a dry day - but for now spiders and humans share the space; and we can appreciate the delicate magic of the weaving - though some of it is a little erratic. Photographed with a cloud whiteout over the valley below.

©2015 Barry Smith - Which way to go next? 
©2015 Barry Smith - Got the shape right but a bit flimsy
©2015 Barry Smith _ I think I might try the bowl shape

©2015 Barry Smith - Just hanging my net
©2015 Barry Smith - Spent too much time on it and now caught in the open!!!
All photos shot with the trusty iPhone - where would I be without it!!!


  1. The clouds are wonderful, B, you live in a very special place. As the baby spiders seem to know. Webs and raindrops - two of my favourite things!

    1. Hi C - glad we connect on another couple of things; and we thank the stars just how fortunate we are to live in our place. Go well. B

  2. Amazing spider webs!! LOVE these, and the clouds and lightening aren't too bad, either. It'll be quite a while before we see spider webs with dew, me thinks, first we will see lots of mud when the snowcap melts. Have a great weekend and hope you have a studio Friday.

  3. Hi VA - thanks for your wishes; and may spring bring new growth but not too many spiders - another experience for Rhu. B


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