Sunday, January 4, 2015

Looking back

Sometimes it is good to look back over the art year to see that one has achieved quite a few things.  I thought I'd follow Fiona's example and post 10 achievements that I was proud I had accomplished - but because I couldn't really decide I made it 12 - maybe one for each month? The 12 follow in no particular order.

Bending went to Goondiwindi and was acquired and won second prize that was good.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bending
I have been able to improve the finish of my Pods; and presenting them in sand was a good move.

©2014 Barry Smith - Pods on white sand
Commissions made up part of the year - the school of fish made from very large jardinieres was a challenge but I liked the outcome.

©2014 Barry Smith - Fish
I always love doing Flags for Peace and this year making the Peace Prayer Wheel for International Day of Peace on 21 September was a bonus.

©2014 Barry Smith - Detail of Peace Prayer Wheel
Thirty sets of Daily Words enabled me to send a few more inspirations out there.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bowls for Daily Words sets.
One hundred Leaf Letter Openers was both a production and metal challenge. But this resulted in Leaf Letter Openers heading over to Indonesia.

©2014 Barry Smith - Leaf Letter Openers
I have continued to enjoy making some Steampunk bits as a relaxation - making the Steampunk Lamp was very enjoyable and the new owners were very thrilled with it.

©2014 Barry Smith - Steampunk Desk Lamp
Maleny Additions has continued to  work well - ladles, leaf-sppons and brooches have been popular.

©2014 Barry Smith - Leaf Spoons
We got the gig to do the Queensland Literary Awards again this year - tried something the same but also different - used the patterned side of trays as the internal pages and Fiona embossed that pattern on her paper pages.

©2014 Fiona Dempster - QLA Awards Books
And I made another series of Travellers' Shrines - love the life journey nature of them

©2014 Barry Smith - Travellers' Shrine
A special event was the Pieces for Peace exhibition in Ypre Belgium where 5 Australians including Fiona and I exhibited artists books related to war and peace.

©2014 Barry Smith - Pieces for Peace artists' book
And the year ended with the completion of my Sketchbook artists' book that is now in the Brooklyn Art Library and has the call number 258.1-4 if you are ever in the library.

©2014 Barry Smith - Sketchbook artists' book
There were other things such as: the large artworks in our local food store; and riveted jewellery etc. Fortunately recycled metal and objects continued to play a big part in my art. 2014 was a good year of creating; and 2015 has already seen us in our studios - love it.


  1. What a wonderfully successful year! I love seeing these pieces together in one post. The oohs and aahs you heard were me admiring your metalwork and opportunities that you had and accepted. I will definitely visit the Brooklyn Art Library soon now that your and Fiona's sketchbooks have been logged in. What a treat that will be!

    Wishing you a creative year!

    1. Hi J - thank you - what a creative year it has been for all of us - but good to see some images collectively. Would be very cool to have you visit BAL and check out our books. Hope our paths cross again soonish. Peace. B

  2. Wow... a great review of a very productive year, Barry! So much going on in your life. Wonderful that a bit of your work is housed on this side of the world and not too far, really, though I never seem to get down to New York anymore now that I am so entrenched in the forest here. I'm sure this year will match last in inspiring output from you, I'll enjoy seeing the output!

  3. this is a wonderful gathering of work, idea, accomplishments, and making... a big congratulations on the year. i'm glad you've started 2015 already in the studio, an auspicious beginning.

  4. A fabulous review of the year.... so many great projects to choose from. Wishing the very best for 2015 xo

  5. What a wonderful way of looking back at 2014 and seeing all your accomplishments and work progress... I am especially impressed with the book in the Brooklyn Art Library.. congrats on it all.

  6. b...i was just over visiting f and very much agree...this idea of posting from the days gone by is a wonderful way to reflect upon where you creativity and mind wandered...such accomplishments you have had along the way...and as always it seems you pushed your limits in what you could do...i adore my shrine and it travels with me always as well as accompanying my in my day to day...but what leaps from this page is the flags for peace and pieces of peace...clever and uniquely made...thanks you so for well and much love light and blessings~

  7. So good to see so much wonderful work, Barry! Watching as you have made it has been great and it's quite a thrill to see it now in one post. Can't wait to see what emerges from your work bench in 2015!

  8. J, VA, SS, D, B, C & MC - thanks you all for your supportive and encouraging comments - always appreciated - and a good way to start 2015 and celebrate 2014. VA - thanks - amazing how much we can accomplish; and maybe you will have a reason to go to NY then you can check the book out. V - gathering the bits in one post certainly gives a bit of a visual feast. SS - and thanks for the wishes for the year ahead. D - surprised ourselves with getting our books done. B - I thought about you and a couple of other of our blog community when I posted on the shrine - so glad of the connection; and good to see it as part of your start to the year. C - I'm with you - looking forward to seeing what 2015 produces. MC - thanks. All - go well in 2015. B

  9. such a gorgeous year! wishing you and your lady a fabulous 2015!

  10. Hi TL - thanks and may 2015 be a grand year for you from both of us. B


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