Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rust, patina and light in the valley

There was no time for the normal Wednesday walk today as I had to catch an early train to Brisbane where I have been doing a course on smelting and recycling silver etc - but more on that another day.

Over the weekend I pulled apart a sculptural piece because the timber just kept splitting and I did not think I could sell it like that. So I rescued the copper leaves and will make Bending 3 which will be installed at our front door.WE will be ok with the extra nail holes in the leaves. The rescued leaves looked great on the rust table - lovely contrast of rich rust and rich patina - what is not to love about that.

©2015 Barry Smith - Patina and rust
©2015 Barry Smith - Rescued patinated copper leaves on rust table
©2015 Barry Smith - Patina in a different light
©2015 Barry Smith - Patina and rust 2
©2015 Barry Smith - Patina and rust 3
And of course early in the week the valley delivered beautiful colours in the morning and evening.

©2015 Barry Smith - Early morning light in the valley below
©2015 Barry Smith - Late evening light in the valley below
So fortunate to live looking over the valley.


  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty. Couldn't imagine something lovelier to feast my eyes on over a delicious cup of morning coffee. The patina and rust photos are pure inspiration!

  2. Not sure what I love most. The gorgeous leaves or the rust table. What a beautiful combination!

  3. Hi V, D, AA & C - always good to have friends drop by and leave an encouraging comment. V - I never tire of them. D - can't beat rust and copper patina. AA - love the image of you enjoying the patina over a morning coffee. C - you can love both equally. Peace. B


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