Friday, January 16, 2015

Bounty of riveted earrings

Yesterday I finished the commission to convert 5 trays into a big stash of stuff for a family. In all I made 52 objects out of the metal I harvested from the trays. That includes items small word leaves to Starburst Bowls. But the potential owner has not visited to see the pieces; and I do not have her permission to blog on the effort yet. She might visit on Sunday. I will blog on this when I have the client's ok.

©2015 Barry Smith - A cluster of riveted and swing earrings
This morning I focussed on making a new Steampunk Lamp; and I will post on that on Sunday.

But sometime ago I finished a stash of riveted and swing earrings and a couple of riveted pendants, so I thought I would blog on those today. The cluster of riveted and swing earrings are above. Photos of individual pairs of earrings follow. Most of the earrings have hammered silver-plated EPNS as one design feature. They also have a 9 carat gold jump rings as a contrast feature.

©2015 Barry Smith - Slender two piece swing earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Slender hammered earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Rectangular earrings with brass rivets
©2015 Barry Smith - Slightly oval bottom earrings with copper and brass rivets
©2015 Barry Smith - Three piece swing earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Three piece swing earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Larger rectangular earrings with aluminium rivets
©2015 Barry Smith - Three layered rectangular with three copper riveted earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Slender two piece swing earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Three layered earrings with two brass rivets
The couple of simple riveted pendants.

©2015 Barry Smith - Long slender rectangular pendant on silver plated neck wire
©2015 Barry Smith - Rectangular pendant with copper rivets and silver plated neck wire
I'm have put the earrings into my online shop - always quiet an effort to do the administrative work to achieve that. So I feel I have earnt my pizza and red wine tonight.


  1. Love my favorite things, earrings !! What fun.

  2. Oh, yum! My favourites too! Just beautiful, B!

  3. Hi P & C - well you can't say that I don't provide the occasional opportunity to think that another pair of earrings in your life is not such a bad thing. Thanks for your visit and comments. Peace. B


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