Sunday, January 18, 2015

The beauty of a Steampunk light

I think making Steampunk assemblages, both functional and decorative, are a form of practical artistic relaxation for me - often something I do between commissions, exhibition pieces or more demanding technical hammered pieces.

And so that is the way with this Steampunk Lamp. I was cleaning up the bench and floor and discovered stuff I had not put away - so what to do other than put some away and use some to create with.
©2015 Barry Smith - Welding Steampunk Lamp
The lamp has been made from: a gas welding hand piece that was not functional because of corrosion etc; a base made from odd brass bits and thick metal brass plate from an old discarded building sign; a ceramic and brass light fitting I bought in Prague; and a new Edison globe and cord.

©2015 Barry Smith - A few of the bits and pieces before polishing etc.
©2015 Barry Smith - A few of the bits and pieces after polishing etc.
As with all assemblages there is a certain amount of cutting, creating new threads on bits so they can be firmly screwed together; and drilling and screwing. I had to drill through various parts of the assemblage to thread the cord through where I could. And lots of cleaning and polishing before assemblage. All in brass and copper of course - well it is Steampunk after all.

©2015 Barry Smith - Assembled on the workbench and tested to see that it all works.
©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of the base.
©2015 Barry Smith - Elegant even when not lit
©2015 Barry Smith - Top down photo showing the elegance of the globe.
I did not put a light shade on this lamp as I wanted the long slender Edison globe to be like a rod of light or the flame from the welding torch. I'm happy how this piece came together. And it is a functional lamp.


  1. Looks as if you had a lot of fun making this seriously wonderful lamp.

  2. Very elegant, Barry, just beautiful. Everything you do turns to gold...

  3. Hi P & C - thanks for checking out the lamp. P - yep it was one of those pieces that turned out as envisaged - which is good. C - that is very kind of you. Go well. B


  4.  Hello, Barry.

      Attractive works.
      You are the excellent artist.

      I thank for your usual and hearty support.
      Have a good day.  
      From Japan, ruma ❀

  5. Excellent! Your creativity and skills have no limits.

  6. This is wonderful! and as you say, the light looks like the flame from a welding torch. You have to look twice to really see what you are looking at.
    What amazes me is how you can take corroded pieces and make them look new. Surely that takes a Lot of elbow grease (as my dada says).
    Sandy in the UK

  7. pretty groovy looking steam punk lamp there B! Nice results. K

  8. Hi Ruma, AA, A & K - thanks for your support. AA - got to keep stretching!!!! S - I know it gives me a lot of pleasure to give new life to what some folk think is junk. K - thanks. All - create well. B


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