Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Colour on the book wall and other matters

I had thought that I would post on a small Steampunk piece and some small metal peace books I have just completed. However over the last week rain and growth have been the dominant features on our block. The warm moist weather has resulted in some lovely orchid blooms so I have decided to share those. Steampunk and small metal Peace books another day.

©2015 Barry Smith - White Crucifix Orchid on the Book Wall
©2015 Barry Smith - Rich red Crucifix Orchid on the Book Wall
©2015 Barry Smith - Delicate orchid cluster on the wall
And of course the fungi has also taken the opportunity to grow on the Book Wall.

©2015 Barry Smith - Fungi and new orchid growth on the Book Wall
©2015 Barry Smith - Fungi, books and a tiny fungi visitor
The heavy rain has battered some of the pumpkin flowers; but that creates a beauty of its own.

©2015 Barry Smith - Pumpkin flower after rain
©2015 Barry Smith - Pumpkin flower after rain
The rain is good at showing the existence and beauty of spiders' webs.

©2015 Barry Smith - Rainbow crystal web
©2015 Barry Smith - Web and droplets in the mist
Watching the storm clouds and rain showers moving across the valley below never fails to cause one to pause.
©2015 Barry Smith - Valley rain
Mind you I think there will come a time when we think we might have had enough rain - that is if the mould starts to grow.


  1. oh my, such beauty! some of my favorite things in life!

    1. Hi TL - looking at the photos of nature by folk like yourself give much joy - I think I will continue with my Wednesday iPhoneography this year - I enjoy it and enjoy the sharing. Go well. B

  2. Oh, gloriousness! Why do your crucifix orchids look so much more lush than mine, B? Maybe your climate is better for them, anyway they are really beautiful.

    1. C - I just think the orchids are loving the hot and wet and humid season we are having. B


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