Friday, February 13, 2015

For Fiona on Friday

©2015 Barry Smith - Delicious recycled copper offcuts
Today was given over to creating two Bending Leaf Sculptures. One I'm making by recycling copper leaves from the Spiral Leaf Post sculpture I made some months ago (see photo below); and another from recycled copper from my copper stash.

©2015 Barry Smith - Spiral Leaf Post that was recycled
The leaves are being recycled from the post sculpture as the timber I made it out of split after construction; and I just could not sell it in such a damaged state. Fiona had always wanted one of the two variants of Bending I have made to stay on the block but both sold. But as I said to her the leaves from the sculpture are damaged from removing them; but from our perspective the double recycling is good; and we won't be selling the installation.

So I cut new leaf forms for the new version; hammered them; clean them in the pickle solution; and have them ready for riveting to the rods before adding patina solution.

©2015 Barry Smith - Large leaf forms in production

©2015 Barry Smith - Bucket full of clean leaves 
©2015 Barry Smith - 40 8mm rods
©2015 Barry Smith - Rods cut for riveting to the leaves
The started to rivet the recovered leaves to the rods. Got about 3/4 of the way done. They will be finished and installed on the block over the weekend.

©2015 Barry Smith - Recycled leaves being rivet to rods.
©2015 Barry Smith - Almost done with riveting recycled leaves
The small collection of patinated leaves on the rush table were made as a by-product of the day.

©2015 Barry Smith - A small collection of patinated leaves
Now off to enjoy blue cheese and pumpkin risotto and some red - all is good on the block.


  1. Wonderful, Barry... love that installation! And the blue cheese and pumpkin risotto sounds mighty fine, too!

  2. So pleased you will have a version of Bending on the block. It is such a beautiful structure. Love seeing your processes, so inspiring.

  3. VA, C & V - sorry for not responding earlier - and thanks for your comments. The installations are now finished as you can see in my most recent post. VA - the risotto was enjoyed on two nights - yum!! C - I like to share a bit of the process as I also like seeing what other artists get up to not just the finished product. V - thanks - I always like the contrast of the patina with the rust - but then you already know that. Peace. B

  4. I am so pleased that you have made a set of these for yourselves to keep and enjoy. Love the colour of the patina. And of course, the installation of Bending will look fabulous in your home. x


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