Friday, February 6, 2015

For friends and family on Friday

Today has been a Friday art day; and the art has been about art friends and family.

Part of this morning and afternoon has been about catching up with visiting art friends (Gemma and Helen). Gemma is up to teach in Buderim; and visited Maleny and caught up with old friends who she connected with when she lived up here for a time. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea were all good.

There was time for some art this morning - a farewell gift for Fiona's niece who is going overseas on Sunday. She likes a bit of Steampunk influenced jewellery so I made up a few simple pendants from old watch faces. I have left the faces looking aged and patinated just as  they came out go my stash.

She will have the opportunity to choose one; or none; or all.

©2015 Fiona Dempster - Detail of watch face pendant 
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Three watch faced pendants
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Swinging faces
©2015 Fiona Dempster - A bit of gold
©2015 Fiona Dempster - A trio of faces
And yesterday I finished making a few bits for Fiona's mum. She was impressed with the work I had done for Meg C and asked if I might make her a simple brooch and pendant from a small damaged silver-plated bowl she had bought.

The stash below was made from the bowl - with the centre and stand left over for me to use in other stuff.

©2015 Barry Smith - A silver-plated champagne goblet full of shiny goodies
©2015 Barry Smith - Three brooches, three pendants and a set of earrings from a small ornate silver-plated bowl
She chose the pieces below including the earrings even though she had not asked for them. She did not know that I had clip earring mounts - she doesn't wear pierced earrings. She was pleased that she now had a frivolous fun pair of clip swing earrings.

©2015 Barry Smith - Bling to go
As we know art is not always about the making - people matter. The photos in this post are all a bit blurry - bit of rush to take them before the pieces were handed over.

Now it is time to have a glass and enjoy dinner.


  1. Complete gorgeousness, B! The watch face pendants are lovely and the brooches are very desirable. All wonderful!

  2. Hi S & C - thanks for checking out these pieces for people, pieces that can make folk smile - simple things we can do with our art. Again another example of taking things that don't appear to have a lot of value - but in new homes and hands they take on ne value. Go well and create well. B


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