Sunday, February 15, 2015

Leaf Sculptures finished

©2015 Barry Smith -  Rust wall, copper patina and leaf forms
As indicated on Friday I intended to finish the leaf sculpture (Bending 3) for Fiona made from the recycled leaves fro the Leaf Spiral post sculpture; and also finish a new version of this sculpture - Bending 4.

A few photos of Bending 3 installed at the entrance to our house. It looks like it just belongs there. I can see why Fiona was not so keen to sell the last version (Bending 2).

©2015 Barry Smith - Bending 3 installed at the entrance to the house
If you look closely you can see the nail holes where the leaves were attached to the post.

And we have installed three leaves on the right hand side of the entrance - connects well to the set of 14 on the left hand (as you enter).

©2015 Barry Smith - Bending 3 installed at the entrance to the house
©2015 Barry Smith - Three outriders from Bending 3 - elegant I think
The new version (Bending 4) has 15 leaves in all. The leaves are slightly smaller (about 220mm long). Bending 4 will stay out in the open curing - it has no sealant over the patina.

©2015 Barry Smith - Bending 4 - curing

©2015 Barry Smith - Bending 4 - detail - shadow play
©2015 Barry Smith - Leaf shadows
It takes a bit of time to make these installations - not only the forming and working and applying the patina to the leaf forms; but also cutting and forming the rods and then riveting the leaves onto the rods with solid copper rivets. I was pleased with this as a weekend outcome.


  1. Love, love, love having this sculpture at our front door! Thank you!

  2. these are visually delightful. grand color, i like them waiting just outside the door.

  3. Barry, your leaf sculptures look fantastic. In particular I like that the leaves are treated with a patina...simply stunning!

    Gaby xo

  4. Love those shadows, the leaf sculptures look stunning. I can see why Fiona is so pleased with them.

  5. Stunning sure know how to get on a girl's good side.

  6. They look just grand, Barry, no wonder Fiona is so thrilled!

  7. Hi F, V, GB, P, JM & C - thanks heaps folks for dropping by and also leaving a comment - appreciated. Looks like the simple beauty of this design appeals. F - strangely enough so do I - glad we finally got a version for our block. V - they are good welcoming pieces. GB - patina is good - though it takes to the different recycled copper in different ways. P - the shadow play and space between the stalks are intriguing. C - this set is here to stay. All go well. B


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