Wednesday, February 11, 2015

White and wet

This morning was white and wet on the mountain - there was no Wednesday morning walk today - too many unexpected showers.

So I did a walk around the block, took a few photos and then headed indoors and did my Tibetan Five Rites.

I thought I would share a few of the whiteout photos - really just cloud drifting across the block.

©2015 Barry Smith  - Our house in the clouds
©2015 Barry Smith - Metal trees
©2015 Barry Smith - Layers of trees
©2015 Barry Smith - Peace messages in the mist
©2015 Barry Smith - Peace flags
And a few of the wet photos - wet flowers; and wet metal

©2015 Barry Smith - Frangipanis of course - love them
©2015 Barry Smith - Solitary pre autumn rose
©2015 Barry Smith - Hmmm - purple flower?
©2015 Barry Smith - Ginger flower
©2015 Barry Smith - Rust wall
©2015 Barry Smith - Rim of copper patina and rust
©2015 Barry Smith - Rust, rust, rust
Whilst the wet and white is inconvenient from a walk perspective, I do love its softness


  1. Lovely soft photos, we too had fog unexpectedly yesterday morning.

  2. Hi P - the weather this year is crazy. Thanks for checking out the white and wet mountain. B

  3. The white and wet mountain is very beautiful, Barry! Doesn't everything look magical in the mist? And raindrops on roses... What can I say?

  4. those last three photos make me very happy!

  5. Hi C & V - sorry for not responding earlier - must have been busy!!!! C - white of mist and cloud is only surpassed by mist , cloud and snow - soft light and forms. V - a smile whilst you endure the cold can't be all bad. Peace. B


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