Sunday, February 1, 2015

The beauty of brass and copper - Steampunk lamps

©2015 Fiona Dempster - Lamp light globe filament
Over the weekend I put the finishing touches to 6 copper and brass Steampunk lamps. All these lamps are assembled from salvaged copper and brass industrial objects. They all have vintage ceramic and brass light fitting that Fiona and I bought in Prague; and are fitted with two prong plugs and filament globes.

In themselves they are beautiful small unique industrial assemblage sculptures. But the bonus is that they are also functional - the lights work.

These 6 beauties  (3 smaller and 3 larger) have made their way into my online shop. Whilst I love them myself- and Fiona has had her eye on a couple - they need to be loved in new homes as are earlier ones I made.  Photos of the 6 follow.
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Small Steampunk lamp - some interesting moveable parts
©2015 Fiona Dempster -  Lamp made from a pump cylinder
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Lamp made from gas welding torch and recycled brass plate
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Slender Steampunk lamp
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Small lamp with pressure gauge
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Reworked blow torch lamp
You can check these lamps out at

And some more lovely shots of the light filaments.

©2015 Fiona Dempster - Long slender globe
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Tear drop globe
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Squat globe
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Lots of twists and turns
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Filament reflections
Hope you enjoy.


  1. Just love them all! Barry, these are so cool. I will eventually want one, or maybe even two but I have to wait. I hope you keep making them.

  2. Hi C - every home needs one or two. Glad you enjoyed viewing them. Go well. B


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