Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The difference a couple of days makes

My morning walk on Monday was after overnight rain - a clear crisp morning as you can see from the photo below. But this morning was not for walking - misty and rain showers as you can see from photos at the end of the post.

©2015 Barry Smith - Morning rays
Monday was the day for capturing some fragments of the beauty of nature on the walk. Some colour for those currently in winter snow.

©2015 Barry Smith - Small eco system on the base of a tree on the driveway
©2015 Barry Smith - Unfolding
©2015 Barry Smith - Blossom dropped on the road by feeding lorikeets
©2015 Barry Smith - Contrasts
©2015 Barry Smith - Delicate fungi shattered by the rain
©2015 Barry Smith - Crystal clear
©2015 Barry Smith - Same droplet - different background - just for fun
©2015 Barry Smith - A flock of Rainbow Lorikeets feeding on eucalyptus blossom
©2015 Barry Smith - A chorus of Kookaburras
Today was for capturing the white-out and the webs.

©2015 Barry Smith - This morning's white-out
©2015 Barry Smith - Small bell with web and white-out
We believe that the next few days are going to be filled with torrential rain and wind - not looking forward to that part of nature.


  1. We keep hearing 500 ml for Brisbane, that's wet!

  2. Very beautiful, delicious flowers! Exquisite pictures! How beautiful !!

  3. What a delightful walk. That last shot is exquisite.

  4. barry, the colors are an exquisite antidote! may the storms be reasonable.

  5. Hi P, L, J & V - thanks for checking out the contrasts on the mountain. P - let us hope that if we get 500ml that it does not have a lot of wind with it. L - the colours and contrast have it. J - the little bell in the mist does have its own language. V - glad it brings a bit of colour to your beautiful white world. All - go well and stay safe. B

  6. Gosh, B, that first photo is amazing, such magnificent rays. All beautiful, good you captured them before the big rain. I hope the block copes well with the possible deluge, fingers crossed for you and all those in the path...

  7. Love seeing the small wonders of your world. Nice to know that flowers are blooming somewhere. Not that I mind the snow, but its a challenge to believe that a transformation such as flowers might happen here someday!


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