Friday, December 16, 2016

Art to acknowledge the contribution and giving of others

During the week I completed some art pieces that would be given away to let others know that their giving and contribution to community does not go unrecognised.

I made a double jointed quirky Artisan Lamp for a friend to let her know that she is a special kind of person.

©2016 Barry Smith - Double jointed Artisan Lamp
The lamp started with a collection of bits including: a machine wheel and bearing; brass and wood sections from two brass spray pumps; some hidden hinges I picked up in a box of junk; a hammer brass bowl; and a vintage brass light fitting.

©2016 Barry Smith - The beginnings of an Artisan Lamp - including brass pipe sections cut and drilled
The lamp can  be bent to different angles by opening and closing the hinges; but can stand tall when the hinges are closed.

©2016 Barry Smith - Dundee joints in action and light on

©2016 Barry Smith - Aligned and standing tall
The second task I set myself was to make 60 smallish (about 7.5cm to 10cm long) silver-plated peace and love leaves to distribute to the volunteers and workers of one of our local services. The photo below shows what 60 smallish leaves look like on the grinding bench.

©2016 Barry Smith - Sixty leaves of love and peace
©2016 Barry Smith - Seven leaves of love and peace on the grinding-polishing bench
Couple of photos of metal chips and the residue from the grinding wheel on the bench top.

©2016 Barry Smith - Metal chips destined for the metal melting furnace
©2016 Barry Smith - Marks let amidst the grinding residue on the bench
It is useful to have the skills to be able to make small offerings to recognise the great contributions that others make.


  1. I love the hidden hinge idea to make the lamp flexible!
    What a lovely thing to do for saying Thank You.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. your lamps are such amazing and fun and useful objects! wonderful leaves.

  3. Hi S and V - thanks for taking the time to check out the blog post and leave a comment. S & V - the lamps are fun and bring quite a few smiles. V - the leaves were well welcomed.Peace. B


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