Friday, December 9, 2016

Bone and metal

©2016 Barry Smith - Part of bone handled fork on worn timber
I knew today that I'd have a few interruptions whilst working in the garage studio even though it is Friday; so I decided to do some work that was straightforward and could be picked up and put down. I have had some clean beef bone on my bench for a while; and an ornate bone handled fork - so I decided to go with those and make a few pendants and pairs of earrings.

As always it starts with cutting - bone and fork sawn with a fine blade.

©2016 Barry Smith
Once the pieces were all cut it was over to the grinding-polishing bench to refine them

©2016 Barry Smith
©2016 Barry Smith - Bone on timber 1
©2016 Barry Smith - Bone on timber 2
And then into the clean studio area to add embellishments and fittings.

©2016 Barry Smith - Ornate bone and silver-plate pendant (about 4-5cm long)
©2016 Barry Smith - Ornate bone and silver-plate pendant (about 3-4 cm long)
©2016 Barry Smith - Small bone pendant (1cm wide and 2.5cm long) with solid silver chain
©2016 Barry Smith - Small bone and silver earrings
©2016 Barry Smith- Bone and solid silver stars
©2016 Barry Smith - Rectangular bone and silver earrings
I was pleased with what I achieved. Now to get ready to duck out to a community event.

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