Sunday, December 11, 2016

The beauty and chaos of stashes

©2016 Barry Smith - Rusted circular saw blades (ranging in size from 20cm-50-60cm)
It is nearing the end of the year; and that means in January there will be a clean up and a cull of unused stuff including art material.  This made me have a bit of a look at my different stashes of recycled material - how bad were they looking, how much chaos?

The the photos in this blog post do not show the whole range of stuff; but they do give an idea of the range of 'collections' I will be sorting through.

Lots of rusty bits

©2016 Barry Smith  - Main section of the rust bank
©2016 Barry Smith - Some sub-collections within the rust bank
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of bits on the rust table
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of bits on the rust table
Brass and copper objects.

©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of bits of the copper and brass bank
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of copper soldering irons
Wood and stone.

©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of bits on the rust table
©2016 Barry Smith - Sandstone and worn hardwood

©2016 Barry Smith - Some of the shelves of silver-plate and copper and brass objects
©2016 Barry Smith - Stack of silver-plated serving trays

©2016 Barry Smith - Can one have too many hammers?
And workspaces.

©2016 Barry Smith - Jewellery assembling table out of control?
©2016 Barry Smith - Jewellery polishing area out of control?
It will be a renewing and refreshing time as it helps me to think a bit more purposefully about what my art practice will be in 2017.


  1. interesting to see your stashes, I work with fabrics and threads so my stashes are so different. Great photogrpahy. thank you.

  2. There's a lot to be said for creative chaos ...

  3. ahh, so this is the stash of metallica!

  4. I'd like a reservation at the rust table please.


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