Friday, December 23, 2016

Fossils in metal and salad servers

I have done further work on some of the least over bits from the metal melt that I posted on earlier. I have turned the pieces into pendants and earrings. When Fiona saw the photos of the pieces she said that the dandelion images stamped into the textured metal reminded her of fossils in stone - I like that and think it is a true reflection on these pieces - see what you think.

©2016 Barry Smith- Small (about 1cm) silver-brass earring drops
©2016 Barry Smith - Natural form silver-brass earring drops (about 1.5cm long)
©2016 Barry Smith - Four silver-brass pendants - smallest one is about 1.5cm long and 1cm wide
©2016 Barry Smith - Small stamped silver-brass pendant drop (about 1.5cm long and 1cm wide).
©2016 Barry Smith - Rectangular pendant - about 2cm wide and 3cm long
©2016 Barry Smith - Polished natural form silver-brass nugget (about 2cm long) with natural hole and 925 solid silver box link chain.
For some time Fiona has suggested that it would be nice to have a set of silver-plated brass salad servers that complement the ladles and pate knife etc that have made their way from the garage-studio into the utensil draw. Well I finally got around to making as set as you can see below. Probably means we can pass on some of the bought ones.

©2016 Barry Smith - Parts for Salad servers
©2016 Barry Smith - Salad servers - ready for action
 I'm downing tools for the Christmas holiday period - back into action next week. Go well and be safe and happy.

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  1. Yes indeed, these pendants look like fossil plants. Gorgeous Barry!
    Your new salad servers are amazing as well!

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a super 2017 - with lots of creativity, good health and joy!

    Gaby xo


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