Friday, December 2, 2016

Keeping waterways clean - library installation

©2016 Barry Smith - From rubbish to statement art - the rubbish in the photos above were collected by Ananda Marga River School students, cut up into smaller pieces and set in the resin
This morning Fiona and I set up an installation of about 240 small resin art pieces. The installation is in a display cabinet in our local Maleny Library for the month of December. The pieces were produced at the Amanda Marga River School workshops by 120 students on 21 November.

The photos below show that the installation tells an interesting story about water and rubbish.

©2016 Barry Smith - Installation curator!!!
The pieces were first exhibited along with the prints and weather grams produced at the workshops. The workshops works were part of the international collaborative exhibition with the Japanese environmental artist Shimokawa Sensi. Photos below show some of the Tatebayashi Sister Cities delegation checking out the students' artwork.

It is grand that the environmental artwork of the students has had the chance to tell their environmental story a couple of times now.

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