Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Light - waking the day

©2016 Barry Smith - Morning dew, soft light and clear water in and on an Avian Font
The photos in this post are from an early morning walk I took on the block. I was taken by the gentle quality of the light and how the day was just waking up - bird calls, a few bees getting busy, light filtered through foliage and the dew that had not yet been burnt off by the sun.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Heads turned to the rising sun
©2016 Barry Smith  - A single new pink frangipani blossom
©2016 Barry Smith - Cascading colour on the gravel slope
©2016 Barry Smith - Shaft of light through the agapanthus
©2016 Barry Smith - Light, colour and morning dew
©2016 Barry Smith  - Crisp white coffee flower
©2016 Barry Smith - A bee in the early sunlight - on the coffee bush - not sure what it hopes to extract from the unopened coffee blossom
Amazing that one does not even need to venture beyond the boundaries of home to be energised by nature.


  1. home nature is where we get to know nature, so why not know nature at home? (is this too confusing?)

  2. The beauty surrounding your home always amazes and inspires. Thank you!

  3. Hi V and AA - great to have a couple of old friends drop by and share a little of our local beauty. V - yes you almost had me confused. AA - I love that Fiona and I have grown with our place - we mark it and not marks us. Go well. B

  4. lovely images
    so different from my snowy realm
    i can almost smell the plumeria!


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