Sunday, November 6, 2016


©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf forms and rods against an ironstone background
Over the weekend I finished Bending 5. Because it will be an indoor piece I need to adjust the length of the rods to ensure the balance with the base boards was right. I also made the rods three different lengths - the shortest was about 50mm shorter than the longest - this was to give the piece a bit of movement.

©2016 Barry Smith - Offcuts of 'stems'
The holes for the rods in the base boards are drilled at an angle of about 65 degrees. I arrived at that after testing a couple of angles on some old boards and seeking the input of my art-design option person - Fiona.

Photographing the work was difficult - the finished piece is about 70cm high, 75-80cm wide and 1.1m-1.2m long. I tried to photograph it on a desk top in Fiona's sewing studio - too many bits and pieces in the way.

©2016 Barry Smith - Bending 5 with birds' nests
In the end I dragged a work bench over from the shed to a lower deck of the house and got some reasonable shots.

©2016 Barry Smith - Bending 5 with base boards spaced out a little - this is the preferred option - even greater spacing and offsets are preferred but the tabletop and wall space did not allow for that
©2016 Barry Smith - Bending 5 with base boards in a tight rectangle format
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf forms and rods against an ironstone background
It would be good to get some professional photos done - though I don't think that will happen. Still it is good to have it finished.

There were 4 discards.

©2016 Barry Smith - Four leaf forms and rods 
I now need to move on to making stock for Maleny additions.


  1. Very lovely.

    I'd be interested to know why you deselected the 4?
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Hi Sandy - I usually tend to make a few spares when I'm making multiples as it gives me the opportunity to select those pieces that fit together best. I deselected 4 because they were quite different in colour to the other 20 - some strange reaction between the metal and patina solution. But on their own they were beautiful - they have now been gifted to a new home. Go well. B


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