Friday, November 18, 2016

Quirky garden assemblages

©2016 Barry Smith - Top of one of the quirky assemblages
Today I finished the last of my assemblages for the garden - the last one was a broad bowled Avian Font as A friend of our has requested the opportunity to check a couple out before they head off to market.

Not a lot of time today to make stuff as Fiona and I joined Christine and a couple of Sister City folk to set up the exhibition of the Japanese environmental artist. And buying the last of the bits and pieces for the installation of the resin work that will come from the children's workshop on Monday.

This is the font I finished.

©2016 Barry Smith - Copper from an old laundry boiler, silver-plate from a tray - garden hose sprayer
©2016 Barry Smith - Avian Font with garage door spring and cogs and brass tap in the stand.
This smaller font it quite cute with its silver-plated bowl.

©2016 Barry Smith - Silver-plated bowl, Rega pump, very heavy gauge copper wire and cast iron belt pulley base
Who said you couldn't find another used for a rusted weight lifting bar - just needs to be joined to a couple of other found objects to become a plant hanging stand.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Plant hanger - weight lifting bar and nuts, pushbike cogs, cast iron belt pulley base and rusted diamond circular saw blade
©2016 Barry Smith 

©2016 Barry Smith 
Some things can just be interesting objects to be placed and found in the garden - they of course could have plant hung from them as well.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Garden Custodian 1 - brass door knob, parts of a washing mangle, copper pipe, industrial objects and belt pulley
©2016 Barry Smith 

©2016 Barry Smith - Garden Custodian 2 - cast iron form, rod, gears, brass and copper pipe and cast iron belt pulley base
I'll now send some photos to our friend to see which Avian Font appeals.

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