Friday, November 25, 2016

Pendants of love and healing

©2016 Barry Smith - Bound book - metal pages bound for filing
I was asked to make a book-pendant (a pendant with 4 metal pages) with some words of healing and love in it. The person wanted to give it to a friend who is seriously ill. Her mother had told her how I had made one for a friend of her; and how her friend treasured it and wore it all the time so she could feel calm and loved.

The words to be stamped in the book-pendant were up to me so I chose: calm, hope, healing, love and peace.

When making these book pendants I give the selection of metal special attention as I some way I want to add a touch of energy to the pendant.  As you can see from the photo below even special recycled metal can look a bit dodgy before grinding and polishing.

©2016 Barry Smith - Pages cut and page 3 ready for stamping
Fortunately I usually know that quality silver-plated metal is going to come up well as you can see from the photo below.

©2016 Barry Smith - Before the final polish - page three stamped with healing words
When I was cutting up metal for the page to be stamped I came across some heart decorations - I thought these were a bit of a metaphor of the friend in the middle surrounded by love.

©2016 Barry Smith - Found hearts
The bits were polished ready for assembly.

©2016 Barry Smith - Books and earrings ready for assembly
They look good with their chains and ear-wires etc.

©2016 Barry Smith - Pendants of healing and love
And of course I tend to make more than one to give a choice.

©2016 Barry Smith - Pendant of healing and love (5.5cm long and 2.5cm wide)

©2016 Barry Smith - Pendant of healing and love (5.5cm long and 2cm wide)
It was a calming thing for me to do these today after quite a busy week.


  1. I feel healed just gazing on these ... what a gift you have!

  2. What a lovely idea. They look fabulous.

  3. L & P - thanks for your encouraging comments - lovely that you can appreciate the healing in the objects. Peace. B


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