Friday, November 4, 2016

Bending 5 nearing completion

©2016 Barry Smith - A sheaf of patinated copper leaves
Over the last couple of days I have put a bit of time into the progressing the commissioned leaf installation Bending 5. The installation is called Bending 5 because it is the 5th in the series - using a similar design. Each installation in the series varies slightly in terms of: the recycled copper metal used; size of leaf forms; the number of leaves; and whether the installation has base boards for indoor presentation. Bending 5 has 20 leaf forms on rods to mark a 20th anniversary.

I'm made 27 leaf forms in all - about 50mm wide and 180mm-200mm long. All leaves were patinated and coated in an acid free gloss art coating was after a further grind and polish of the edges to stop the patination process and the associated patina dust as they the leaves are to go on display inside.

©2016 Barry Smith - Some of leaves before attaching after I discarded 3
The leaf forms are riveted to the rusted rods that I had hammered to produce a flat attaching blade. Two 1/8th inch thick copper rivets are used to attach each leaf form to the rods. I made 24 rods so I will attach 24 leaf forms.

©2016 Barry Smith - Another shot of the sheaf of 24 leaves and rods - gives a better idea of the rusted rods
The rusted rods are given a couple of coats of the same acid free gloss coating to stop the rusting and flaking indoors.

©2016 Barry Smith - Halting the rusting process because of the indoor presentation - the copper rivets stand out in this photo
©2016 Barry Smith - I just like the lines of the coated bent rods on the worktable
I cut, sanded and oiled the base boards today. They are made from salvaged Camphor Laurel timber purchased from a local timber supplier.

©2016 Barry Smith - Natural oiled timber base boards for Bending 5
Over the weekend the rods will be trimmed to a suitable lengths; the leaf forms will be tweaked; and holes will be drilled into the base boards so that the installation can be put together. Photos of the finished installation will be shared on Sunday. Time to go have a cool crisp glass of white wine and relax for the evening.

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