Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Carpet and cascades of colour

Over the last week the valley and hills have almost constantly been coloured by drifts of smoke asa a result of many small bush fires.

©2016 Barry Smith - Smoke at sunset
©2016 Barry Smith - Smoke filled valley morning
The dry smoky conditions have been a challenge for the trees and plants - many leaves and blossoms have been released to form carpets.

And yet nature has also responded with carpets and cascades of colour.

We have also seen some unusual migration of butterflies and congregations of other insects.

©2016 Barry Smith - What a gathering on these tiny blossoms - must be rich nectar
So whilst the week has challenged us with news of war, political incompetence and divisive elections nature asks us to stop and consider its beauty.


  1. Such lovely photos as usual Barry. I am hoping for a quiet rest of the week after such a busy last few days.


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