Sunday, December 4, 2016

It must be the gift buying season

©2016 Barry Smith - Lint and grindings from the grinding and polishing bench
This blog post is a refection of the fact that some folk are into gift buying at the moment. Only a few weeks ago I delivered some leafspoons, leaf pate knives, leaf letter openers and ladles to Maleny Additions. However I was asked could I bring in more stock as they had all but sold out. So it was a matter of getting down into the garage-studio and getting into production.

©2016 Barry Smith - Cut out and ready for folding, hammering etc
©2016 Barry Smith  - Graond and machine polished - ready for final polish
And as you can see from the photos below a stash of stuff was produced, tagged (courtesy of Fiona) and delivered to the shop.

©2016 Barry Smith - Leafspoons
©2016 Barry Smith - Pairs of cake fork and spoon - bit of a new work - will see how they go
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf Letteropeners
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf Pate Knives
©2016 Barry Smith - Ladles
Whilst the leaf spoons, leaf pate knives and leaf letter openers are not the greatest pieces of hammered metal art folk seem to like them because they are different and hand made.

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