Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dark and the moon; dark morning light; magnificent camellias; and other matters

At times the Wednesday photographic blog post is a bit of a mixed bag. This week I have really begun to notice that the mornings are getting darker when we rise - not surprising I hear you say as we head into deep autumn on the way to winter.

I was particularly taken by the dark sky and contrast of a sliver of moon when we arrived home on Tuesday morning after the ANZAC dawn service - looking to the east.

©2017 Barry Smith - A sliver of moonlight with dark blue-grey moon (Canon Powershot)
©2017 Barry Smith - Tree at the top of the drive with distorted sliver of moon (iPhone) - I love the contrast of the black shapes against an inky sky - looking east.
The lights of the Port of Brisbane were still visible when I wandered out to the kitchen after our early exercise morning  rise.

©2017 Barry Smith - Lights of the port some 80+ kms away - looking south
©2017 Barry Smith  - A little later the mountains emerge and cloud floats across and up from the valley floor
I took a couple of strolls on the terraces this week - how could one not given the huge amount of Camellia blossom and masses on petals on the gravel like big snow flakes.

I loved the bee action at such an early hour of the morning - seems they were collecting dew, honey and pollen.

©2017 Barry Smith  - About to take flight
©2017 Barry Smith  - Tiny dew encrusted purple blossom
©2017 Barry Smith - The tiny dew encrusted pink blossom appears to be attractive for honey-dew and pollen
And a small home in one of the maple tree near the rock river and camellia bushes.

©2017 Barry Smith - So well woven and camouflaged
Every season surprises me.


  1. Two impressions:

    4th photo, mtns rising, cloud drift took my breath away...we are on opposite sides of the world, you going into winter, me going into spring but yesterday, time held and stood still. The very sense of other worldliness that I felt from the 4th photo, equally was felt yesterday as we drove to Santa Fe in pouring rain, darkened skies and a cloud cover that felt as if it wrapped the sky in a mist blanket.

    13th photo, bee hovering near the beautiful splash of golden and magenta color served to show me the balance of nature that is such a gift, dark and light, the gift of water aka rain and the glow of the illumination of growth, leaves, flowers and bees. Balance leading to peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of looking and noticing the many gifts of the land- thank you Barry for your deep and caring "eye."

  2. such a beautiful sliver of moon

  3. Beautiful photos Barry, especially like the tops of hills through the mist, and that bee.

  4. Your world is very beautiful, Barry & Fiona. Your camellia garden is just part of the magic that is the block.

  5. V, M, MC, P and C - how bad am I in my acknowledgement of your generous visits and comments. I'm trying to catch up - getting there. But thank you for visiting and supporting the posts. V - always good to share our places. M - love your comments about other worldliness on the 4th photos; and bee hovering on the 13th - peace. MC - slivers can be magical can't they. P - mountains through the cloud and mist can be so peaceful. C - thank you we certainly enjoy where we live. Go well. B


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