Sunday, April 9, 2017

Off to market

Over the weekend I had to get the the Tea Caddy Leafspoons and the Coffee Measuring spoons completed so they could be sent to Myrtleford Victoria and be there before Easter.

©2017 Barry Smith - A couple of rusty piano wheels and polished silver-plated hammered bowls on the polishing workbench wheels were holding plastic sheeting down
Well after a big effort, and help from Fiona in the riveting process, I managed to get 12 Tea Caddy Leafspoons and 10 Coffee Measuring Spoons completed (plus a couple of casualties that can't go to market).

©2017 Barry Smith - A whole lot of polishing there - including some strays I included along the way
©2017 Barry Smith - A couple of polished hammered bowls plus a couple of resin pieces destined to become a pendant
©2017 Barry Smith
Fiona also assisted in choosing the 6 Tea Caddy Spoons and 6 Coffee Measuring Spoons below that will be express posted to Myrtleford tomorrow. The coffee measuring spoons deliver about 7gms of ground coffee as a rounded heaped spoon.

©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
Riveting the small twisted brass handles to the small bowls of the Coffee Measuring Spoons was a real challenge. Metal on metal on metal resulted in the bits slipping at different stages of the drilling and riveting process. I could not have done it without Fiona's extra set of hands; and even then it was a challenge. There are some commissions one is happy to have completed.


  1. They are beautiful... and, yes, some things are better when completed! I especially love the leave coffee spoons. :)

  2. How beautiful they are! The difficulties certainly paid off, thanks to your great team work.

  3. Hi VA, JM, V & C - thank you for your positive and supportive comments. I was a bit unsure of the coffee measuring spoons (ladles?) but the reception seems to be good. I never take for grated the fact that Fiona and I share a passion for creating - different mediums and approaches but a shared understanding. All - go well. B


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