Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Moon on the water and other fragments

A few days ago Fiona and I were standing in our quiet corner choosing our words for the day and enjoying the beauty of the valley in the early morning light. I noticed the setting moon being rejected in the still water of the rusty fire-pit. I thought I would try to go outside on the decks and take a photo. To my amazement the reflection could only be seen through the window of the quiet corner and no where else. I took a couple of photos of this early morning beauty through the window glass.

©2017 Barry Smith - Upside down setting moon reflected on the water (Canon Powershot)
©2017 Barry Smith - Setting moon on the water (Canon Powershot) - the rust of the fire pit showing through a misty water surface
©2017 Barry Smith - Setting moon on the water (iPhone)
Such an ephemeral thing - only for that brief time, in that small body of water and from that one spot.

The soft early morning autumn valley light.

A focus on white on the morning walk.

Sun fringed clouds and blazing sun peaking from behind the cloud bank - along Treehaven Way.

The autumn light is now beginning to dip into the house in the morning at a very low angle creating pools of refracted light and rainbows

©2017 Barry Smith - Morning rainbow on my black jeans whilst sitting at the computer
©2017 Barry Smith - Refracted light on the kitchen bench top
The morning had a decided chill about it this morning - we are moving closer to winter.

I thought I'd share the photos below from our local community neighbourhood centre. One of the women (Barb) on our gardening group mended a split wheel barrow creating such a great stitched pattern

©2017 Barry Smith - Stitching a wheelbarrow
©2017 Barry Smith - Stitching a wheelbarrow


  1. Barry - I'm always amazed at how much you pack into a post. The sun-fringed clouds echoed by mountain and tree forms, the magical moon, your always-spectacular flowers ... but the wheelbarrow takes the prize. Thanks as always for letting us see through your eyes.

  2. wow, barry. all around wow. and then the stitched wheelbarrow. again, wow.

  3. Oh cool, love the moon reflection and the Stitching wheelbarrow... awesome!

  4. Love the wheelbarrow!
    Sometimes reflections show things that cannot be seen otherwise!
    Sandy in the UK

  5. magic moon photos & love the stitched wheelbarrow!

  6. Lovely photos Barry, love the thought of a moon reflection from only one place.

  7. How clever to stitch the wheelbarrow! Great save! Beautiful photos, Barry!

  8. V, AA, VA, S, MC, P and C - almost a month since you sent generous comments - posted with thanks but not acknowledged - so belated thanks. V - love the all round wow. AA - soot hinging. VA and MC - what a contrast - stitched wheelbarrow and soft moon shot. S and P - you are so right about not being able to see things without reflections at times. C - great save indeed. Go well. B


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