Sunday, April 2, 2017

Small steps

Our block has recovered well from the wind and rain that came after the destructive cyclone in the north. We had Donna and John from the US visiting Susan & Steve and ourselves. They got to stay with us as we had power. Much of Friday and Saturday was spent sharing our town and art. Good to catch up with folk who are part of the blog community.

I got a couple of hours to progress the coffee measuring spoons (at least the twisted brass handles); and forming the tea caddy spoons.

Work on the twisted brass handles.

©2017 Barry Smith - Detail of the twisted brass handles
©2017 Barry Smith - I used the belt sander clamped in a vise to form the end that is to be attached to the hammered bowls
©2017 Barry Smith - A couple of stints of grinding on each of the handles - one more round to finish them off
©2017 Barry Smith- Twisted brass handles ready for drilling and polishing
The handles need to be drilled and polished before riveting them to the measuring bowl sections.

Forming the tea caddy spoons.

©2017 Barry Smith - First fold of the leaf section of the tea caddy spoons
©2017 Barry Smith - Leaf sections hammered and unfolded.
©2017 Barry Smith - First forming of the bowl section on a stake with a hard nylon hammer
Still quite a way to go but a couple of small steps in the production process.


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