Friday, April 14, 2017

In readiness for 601 mvr open studio

©2016 Barry Smith - Part of the array of of Found Earrings that will be on sale at 50% off
Today has been a whirlwind of: sorting; tidying; setting up; and pricing - all in preparation for the 601 mar studio-gallery open days on Easter Saturday and Sunday (10am-4pm each day).

At the end of the day we tired; but ready to welcome folk in the morning.  There is a good range of work that indicates, in part, what we are on about art wise; and a good lot of bargains. And some folk might also like to take the opportunity to stamp some metal or print some cards on the letterpress.

Metal and hammers are ready on the workbench outside the studio-gallery.

©2016 Barry Smith - Anvil, hammers, metal and stamps - all ready for folk to stamp inspirational words
©2016 Barry Smith - A bowl of polished silver-plated blanks ready for stamping
A few random mages of the set up in the studio-gallery.

©2016 Barry Smith - Shared table downstairs - Fiona's prints and artists books on one side and my pendants and earrings on the other - looking towards the front door of the studio-gallery
©2016 Barry Smith - Some of the pendants 
©2016 Barry Smith - Some of the earrings
©2016 Barry Smith - My blank journals and Fiona's mixed media.
©2016 Barry Smith - Upstairs table with 3D work in the main
©2016 Barry Smith - Upstairs Fiona's artists books and some of our prints
©2016 Barry Smith - The downstairs table looking from the stairs to the top level.
Now it it is time to get dinner together; relax with a glass of wine; and have an early night.


  1. No doubt your open studio will be a great success; wonderful works all around. Letting people have some hands on experience is such a fine idea, connects them in a very good way.

  2. Wow-you two have been busy! Lovely new work beautifully displayed. Sounds like everyone is in for a wonderful time-enjoy!

  3. Have a lovely week end Wish I was there.

  4. Like Penny, I wish I was there too. Your studio and displays look fabulous and you have some really wonderful items for sale. Have a great weekend, Barry and Fiona!

  5. Hi R, M, AA, P & C - so good to have some support from afar. The two days of the open studio went well but it was an exhausting experience as usual - always quite a bit of energy expended in preparation; and then talking a starting with quite a few lovely folk over the couple of days. So it is joyful and art filled tiredness. And a bit sad that it is not possible;e distant and blog friends to drop in for a chat about art, peace, produce and life on the block. Thanks and go well. B


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