Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pieces for peace

Over the weekend I progressed the work on the 210 peace leaves for International Peace Day (21 September). In the main I was: marking the fold line on the metal blank; and stamping the word peace on each blank.

But this can be a receptive job so I went off on a couple of tangents. First when looking at a piece of tray I had cut down I suddenly decided I would make about 30 peace-tags to give away. I was inspired by Liz A's generous giveaway of imagine peace pins;  Fiona's giveaway of inspirational letter press words; and Mary-Jane D's inspirational stamped metal.

I thought this giveaway might just help to keep the conversation and ripple of peace going.

©2017 Barry Smith - Silver-plated brass tags about 3cm long and 2.5cm wide) with peace and tree of life symbols
If you want one of these tags for yourself or to give away to inspire someone else to think about peace - let me know by email (including your address).

I also came across some of my old metal peace flags from a few years ago as I rummaged around looking for metal - I thought these could get another outing in some form in the future

©2017 Barry Smith - Old "Peace Flags" from a few years ago - they have aged well.
©2017 Barry Smith - Old "Peace Flags" from a few years ago - they have aged well.
But of course I got back to the marking and stamping of my peace leaf blanks - over 220 in the pile. I always make a few extra to deal with metal failure in the folding and unfolding stages.

©2017 Barry Smith - A pretty grungy looking heap of cut, marked and stamped meal - but I'm sure they will make beautiful peace leaves (about 9cm long)
Now all that is left to do is: folding; cutting of leaf shapes; unfolding; and grinding and polishing. I'm well on the way.


  1. Barry ... I'm going to sit on my hands this time around to enable others to receive your pieces of peace. But I couldn't help commenting that it was your peace pendant giveaway that began this cycle of giving and receiving, call and response. And such coincidence ... I just concluded my peace offering and ended up with 30 pins sent out into the world. Synchronicity like that very much appeals to me!

  2. Sending peace out into the world by your generosity and those of others, connects us all in deeply moving ways.

  3. I'd love to receive one of your peace pieces, and pass it on. And if you send me your address, I'll send you one of mine. Su
    9110 E. Bridges Rd, Elk, WA 99009, USA.

  4. Such lovely tags,and a nice idea.

  5. Your Peace tags are a lovely idea, Barry! As are your Peace Flags, which have mellowed beautifully.

  6. L, M, VA, OS, P and C - no excuse for neglecting those who join in supporting peace. L - there is always enough to go around - and the good news pieces can always be gifted on to those who need-want them. M - glad we can just keep the ripples going. OS - hope the pieces have arrived. P - peace be yours. C - I have to get on with this years peace leaves. Peace. B


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