Friday, May 5, 2017

A new avian font

Much of my art time today was given over to community - installing a small art post at our local neighbourhood centre; and working through a few details of one aspect of our up-coming Obi Art Prize.

©2017 Barry Smith  - Colours of hot metal
But yesterday and today I did grab a little time to start a new avian font (aka bird bath) commissioned at the time of our open studio over the easter weekend. Making a font is a combination of assemblage from found objects; and metal work using recycled metal.

The starting process involves wandering around looking at the various stashes of found objects and metal to see what will go with what. Then one beings to make small collections of stuff that most likely will make up the crew components of the final piece - see below.

©2017 Barry Smith - The larger base, stem and bowl components
©2017 Barry Smith - The smaller head components and other possible base bits
Then there is the process of putting the pieces roughly together to ensure the pipes, pieces and threads will work as in the case of the piece below that will make up the section that will hold the hammered bowl for the font. Of course if the bits fit together then they have to be taken apart and polished etc.

©2017 Barry Smith - Head comments test assembling
And the section that will be the base of the font. This piece is so heavy I have decided to make the base and upper sections separate so that the owner can simply put the two pieces together on site.

©2017 Barry Smith - Base and part of stem completed
©2017 Barry Smith - Base completed
The hammering of the bowl starts with detaching the circular piece of metal from the outer rim of metal - it was cut from a very large brass jardiniere. Lots of solder to sweat off.

©2017 Barry Smith - Solder splatter 1
©2017 Barry Smith - Solder splatter 2
And then anneal the metal.

©2017 Barry Smith - Love that colour
Hopefully over the weekend I will get the time to complete the font - we will see.


  1. Good fun! Look forward to seeing the avian font... :)

  2. Hi VA - the Avian Font is finished as you know - but it has also gone to its new home. Peace. B


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