Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wet, workshop and webs on Wednesday

©2017 Barry Smith - The rusty fence and studio in the whiteout and drizzle - early morning light
This morning we woke to a combination of a total cloud whiteout and drizzling rain - so as the title says this post, in the main, is about wet, webs and a few fragments from the workshop bench.

More of that whiteout - soft grey light and misty images.

©2017 Barry Smith - Camellias in the mist
©2017 Barry Smith - Rain drops bouncing on the surface of water in a very full fire pit bowl
But that means we also get to see the micro spiders' webs and lichen holding droplets of rain.

©2017 Barry Smith - Micro micro spider web around a rusty nut on the rust wall
©2017 Barry Smith - Pure rain droplets held by tiny lichen on a wire 1
©2017 Barry Smith - Pure rain droplets held by tiny lichen on a wire 2 with one fine spider web
©2017 Barry Smith - Unusual refections in a single droplet of water clinging to the underside of the deck railing
©2017 Barry Smith - A string of pure rain droplets held by tiny webs
The images from the workshop simply capture some of the small fragments that littler the bench top - residue of lamp making.

©2017 Barry Smith - Brass drilling fragment
©2017 Barry Smith - Face of my large copper hammer after a vigorous workout
©2017 Barry Smith - Timber for lamp bases - hairy oak and camphor laurel
©2017 Barry Smith - Timber for lamp bases - hairy oak
So whilst there was not a walk in the wilds this morning there was the beauty of soft outdoors images and a look at the workbench through different eyes.


  1. Love the lichen shots... well, all really. And misty days are good inspiration for my paintings, no surprise there. :)

  2. Spectacular photos Barry! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing beauty with us.

  3. Hi VA and AA - sorry for the delay in acknowledging your visit to the post and comment - both are appreciated. VA - got to love lichen with droplets; and you are the master of the soft misty images. AA - it is always lovely to see what is happening in the 'backyards' of fellow artists. Go well, be well and create well. B


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