Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shiny - Artisan Lamps

©2017 Barry Smith - Base of the gas blowtorch Artisan Lamp with:  blowtorch cutting tips, pressure gauge, green patinated valve.
I managed to get the three Artisan Lamps completed over the weekend - good outcome. A lot of time goes into threading pieces so that they fit together; and so the light fittings metal thread can be screwed in to lamps and fittings screwed on to the exposed thread.

The polishing process brings out the real potential of the found objects.

©2017 Barry Smith - All the components ground and polished on the workbench
The design and assembly process brings out the industrial and quirky character of the found objects - complementing each other.

©2017 Barry Smith - The assembly process begins - even cleaned the inside workbench for this stage
And then after new wiring and new vintage look lamp fittings the lamps show their individual personalities.

©2017 Barry Smith - Rega pump Artisan Lamp - solid simple industrial look
©2017 Barry Smith - Rega pump Artisan Lamp - solid simple industrial look
©2017 Barry Smith - Modern gas blowtorch Artisan Lamp
©2017 Barry Smith - Gas blowtorch Artisan Lamp - topdown view 
©2017 Barry Smith - Broken vintage gas blowtorch Artisan Lamp
©2017 Barry Smith - Industrial look of the Vintage Gas Blowtorch Artisan Lamp - lots of interesting knobs, taps and pipes.
The heavy brass valve and thick brass 'washer' have resulted in interesting and stable bases. Where I could I have left the blue-green brass patina in place.


  1. I really like these Barry, industrial looking yet elegant.

  2. I agree with Penny, Barry! So beautiful!


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