Sunday, June 4, 2017

A five post sculpture

©2017 Barry Smith - Snakes - leaving and entering the panel
I have done the design work for a commissioned five post sculpture that will be installed into a longish and narrow space surrounded by high walls. The area creates an intimate gravelled courtyard. The installation is to feature snake and water motifs. It needs to be able to be viewed from three points: through a floor to ceiling windows in the back of the courtyard; a bathroom; and the entry from the outside garden area. So the motifs need to be on at least three faces of the posts.

The sketched design is in the photo below. The posts will be salvaged hardwood milled by a local contact; and be about 17cm square and range in height from 1.25m-1.75m. The motifs will be etched into aluminium using a non-acid etching process. The etched panels will be 13cm wide and 39cm long. The sketches of the motifs were done on grey-board cut to size (13cmX39cm).

©2017 Barry Smith - Snakes and Water - a multi-post sculpture - the height and arrangement of the posts and panels will result in some movement and negative space.
©2017 Barry Smith - Sketch of the main snake and water motifs 
©2017 Barry Smith - Water and part snake motifs
I met with the owner on Friday and the designs have been signed off.Work will most likely start in late June.


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