Sunday, June 18, 2017

Buttress Root Sculpture - finished - all but

After such a long development, fabrication and installation process the Buttress Root sculpture is all but finished - last bit of site tidying and final clean and the work on it is done.

Whilst it is looking good in the fenced enclosure it will looked so much better when it is able to just be part of the landscape. The site fence will be removed once the last bit of site remediation is done; and it has been inspected by Sunshine Coast Council. But for now I can share some images as it currently sits within it's enclosure.

©2017 Barry Smith - Looking towards the Mary River - and no the post is not crooked - plumbed on all sides
©2017 Barry Smith - Looking towards Little Yabba Creek and the bridge and remnant forest
©2017 Barry Smith - Looking towards Little Yabba Creek and the bridge 
©2017 Barry Smith - River stones on the base of the trunk section - as you can see cleaning yet needs to be done
©2017 Barry Smith - A sinuous root section with a small river of Mary River stones
©2017 Barry Smith - End of the root with Mary River Stones
©2017 Edith-Ann Murray - Barry and Fiona placing river stones
I will still need to glue a stainless steel cap to the post and attach the four A4 sheets of stainless steel to each face of the post. Three sheets will be the full poems - excerpts of which are on the sculpture's root; and the fourth face will acknowledge funders, sponsors and the artist etc.


  1. A thing of beauty ... wonderfully executed. I hope you'll show us a future picture as the land reaches up to embrace it.

  2. barry, this project piece seems to be settling nicely into its home. well done!


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