Friday, June 30, 2017

Completion can take time

©2017 Barry Smith - Stone reflections
I spent most of today at Little Yabba Creek putting finishing touches to the sculpture and post. The sculpture was inspected yesterday and passed muster except that I need to seal the concrete it was set in.
©2017 Barry Smith - Concrete sealant brings out the colour of the stones
The post was not due for inspection until I had installed the stainless steel cap and attached the four signs as I had not finished the work on it - including filling surface cracks and giving it another couple of coats of timber finish. But it was inspected anyway; and suggestions were made regarding improvements.

So I sanded the post, filled the surface cracks, gave it two more coats of Ultradeck finish; and also installed the cap. The cap was glued to the top of the post with the equivalent of a full large tube of silicon sealant-glue.

©2017 Barry Smith - Surface cracks - before
©2017 Barry Smith - Surface cracks - after
©2017 Barry Smith - I think the stainless steel cap is level!
©2017 Barry Smith - Stainless steel cap and wood
During my work there I had about about 10 visitors. Quite a lot of question regarding the work and lots of praise for the poetry and sculpture.

©2017 Barry Smith - Visitors who wanted a photo after a long chat about the work
The sculpture and post looked great as the sun was going down as I left the site.

©2017 Barry Smith - Buttress Root in the late afternoon light without the security fencing

©2017 Barry Smith - Buttress Root in the late afternoon light without the security fencing
I think a wine will be well deserved tonight.


  1. Looks lovely in the site. Hope you enjoyed the wine.

  2. Wonderful! Hard to work outside, isn't it, with curious passers by!

  3. Stunning installation, Barry! Your work is always such an inspiration, whether large or small. Great shots of the stones in concrete as well. Beautiful contrasts.


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