Friday, June 2, 2017

Beautiful lines

©2017 Fiona Dempster - Excerpt from Judy's poem that has been routed into the aluminium sheet and then rolled - the font is 3cm high and routed 2mm into the metal - I love the shadow line of the text
As some would know I'm working on a large public sculpture (Buttress Root) that will include poetry by local poets routed into the metal. Three steps in the fabrication process have been completed: cutting large thick sheets of aluminium; routing the words into the flat sheets; and having the sheets rolled into the shapes for final welding and polishing.

Yesterday I went to FreeForm Sheet Metal's workshop to discuss some refinements and welding points. I was pleased how the design is being given life through the hands of various metal workers. Photos below speak for themselves.

©2017 Fiona Dempster - Excerpts from poems that have been routed into what is now the rolled inside of the trunk section of the root - the font here is 2cm so that we could fit more poetry into the space.
©2017 Fiona Dempster - More text with a sense of the curves and lines of the root section
©2017 Fiona Dempster - More text with a sense of the curves and lines of the root section from the other side of the root section
©2017 Fiona Dempster - This photo gives an idea of scale and lines of the sculpture - the root will be set 10cm into a concrete base surrounded by river stones impeded into the concrete; and the trunk will be set an additional 10cm into the concrete.
The plan is that the sculpture will be finished on Monday (5 June) afternoon; and ready for inspection by the poets and the Sunshine Coast Council folk. Then, hopefully, we are ready to start the installation which will take place over three days in mid June. Buttress Root is to be installed in the landscape - on a flat section of ground between a picnic area and Little Yabba Creek. Very exciting; but also bit nerve wracking.


  1. Wow, Barry this is brilliant, look forward to seeing photos of the work in situ!

  2. What a wonderful idea. Congratulations.

  3. This is extraordinary ... beyond wonderful

    I especially like
    "Smoothed by the trickle of time
    life's boulders shrink ... "

  4. What a stunning work of art! Love this!

  5. it looks fantastic barry! just fantastic!


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