Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Images from Seasons

Whilst in Melbourne recently Fiona and I grabbed an hour to briefly check out the Vangogh exhibition Seasons at NGV. I was amazed that we were allowed to take photos of the works - with out flash of course. I share a few fragments from the exhibition.

The works in this post simply share the brilliance of a man who produced so much art (900 paintings); and I believe sold one painting during his life. It reinforces the old saying for many of us artists - don't give up your day job.


  1. Such lusciously tactile images. Saw some in Amsterdam and was blown away.

  2. OH! So good you got to see the Van Gogh exhibit! As I mature as an artist, I must say his work becomes more and more astonishing. As I was scrolling down your photos, I was thinking about how he never knew how appreciated he would be. Sad to think about that. But such glorious work!


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