Friday, August 25, 2017

Creativity but not necessarily art

©2017 Barry Smith - Patina and symbols on a brass shut-off tap
Today was supposed to be reserved for art; but included community stuff, work on my friend's will, building the base for an orchid house and starting a bunch of Artisan Lamps.

Fiona's dad's new orchid house is to arrive next Thursday so I needed to ensure the base was ready for the build. The base is 3.3mX3.3m for a 3mX3M orchid house - should sit nicely in the centre of the base planks!!!!

I sorted quite a few groups and individual objects that could end up being lamps. Lamps often start with a selection of things strategically placed on the table.

©2017 Barry Smith  - Table of lamp goodies
©2017 Barry Smith  - Love the shape and patina of this shut-off tap
©2017 Barry Smith  - I'm seeing a bit of a soldering iron installation
©2017 Barry Smith  - Can't go wrong with a few switches and gauges etc
Then it progresses to testing if 'this goes with that.'

©2017 Barry Smith  - Marking the shut-off tap for cutting and see;eating bits that will be the stem of the lamp
Over the weekend I hope to complete the selection and rough assembling of bits that will make up individual lamps. There is an outside chance that I might get to finish one. But for now I must shower and get ready to head out for homemade gourmet pizza and red at a friends place.

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  1. Surely the art of assemblage has to start somewhere ... love your layout of rusty bits and look forward to seeing where they end up!


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