Friday, August 18, 2017

Installation preparation

©2017 Barry Smith - Drill shaving on wood
Next week I hope to install the five post Water and Snake motifs post sculpture. Today I stated the process of finalising the work on the functional aspects of the posts including:

  • attaching the snake motif tops to help reduce cracking and keep water from rotting the tops of the posts; 
  • creating more reinforcing purchase on the legs for concreting them into the ground; and 
  • filling cracks in the timber and giving them a final sand and oil.

Preparing and attaching the etched snake motif top plates.

©2017 Barry Smith - Top plates drilled and countersunk
©2017 Barry Smith _ Top plates attached
Drilling 10mm holes through the solid 25mm steel legs to add rod through for reinforcing.

©2017 Barry Smith - Glad I have good tools
©2017 Barry Smith - Bolts and nuts in the foot and rod and nuts on the leg
The results of filling cracks and sanding and oiling.

©2017 Barry Smith - Oil really brings out the subtle colour and grain
In a way there is not a lot to show but it basically took all day. As you can see from the photo above I finished as the sun began to set. Fiona's making red curry - probably be accompanied by a white???

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  1. so often days of work don't look like much...but really they do. well done, barry.


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