Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Is it spring already

©2017 Barry Smith - Intense micro rainbow!!!
Given the beautiful rainbows in the house and the blossoms on the block, one could almost think that spring is just around the corner. Still one has to be careful as there is still a month of winter and I'm sure it could come back with surprises.

At this stage I'm just happy to enjoy the colour and the growth.

©2017 Barry Smith - Drift of nectarine petals
©2017 Barry Smith - Drift of nectarine petals
©2017 Barry Smith - Must be almost the last of the Camellias
©2017 Barry Smith - Snow Drops near the recycled encyclopaedia bench on the terrace
©2017 Barry Smith - One of Graham's exquisite orchids
©2017 Barry Smith - Never seen this colour of Crucifix Orchid before
©2017 Barry Smith - Intense crucifix colour
The drift of nectarine petals made me smile - it was like delicate pink snow falling. The nectarine bush has fruit setting - crazy.

©2017 Barry Smith - Nectarines are setting


  1. Gazing at your flowers and glorious!

  2. All are lovely but that snowdrop photo takes my breath away. Stunning!


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